Frequently asked questions

Q - "What/who is Southshore Adornments?"
A - Southshore Adornments is a progressive artisan company, built from frustration at the lack of quality and original Body jewellery being created in the United Kingdom

Q - "Why is Southshore Adornments different?"  
A - Unlike so many others, we create nearly everything that we sell in-house from start to finish, what we don't make is either partly made or wholly made in the UK or the United States. 

Q - "I need a pair, do i need to order quantity of 1 or 2?"
A - The vast majority of our jewellery is sold as pairs, with the exemption of septum, oral and plugs that specifically state are sold as a single piece.  

Q - "I do not see a size or style i need on the website, can it be made?"

A - Absolutely! With a few exceptions, as we make most of our jewellery to order and can normally tailor jewellery to your needs, get in touch if you need some help and we'll be happy to help.

Q - "Is wood body jewellery safe to wear?"
A - Yes, for the majority of people Wood is a great option, always organic without any adhesives, fillers or dyes, and vegan friendly! 

Q - "I cant wear wood jewellery i've tried from other sources"
A - many people are put off Wood body jewellery by cheap or badly made pieces made with unsuitable materials or are poor finishes, we will always recommend people try wood from us even if they think they "can't" wear it. 

Q - "How is your wood sourced?"
A - We source our raw wood stocks from European suppliers who purchase and import timbers directly from other parts of Europe as well as Africa, South and North America. These timbers meet strict import regulations into the UK and are not currently import/export restricted by CITES. 

Q - "How about your animal products, how are they sourced?"
A - We get our Animal materials from trusted suppliers who deal directly with land owners, farm owners, game keepers and specialist suppliers, no animals are killed for the collection of their Bones, Horns or Tusks. 

Q - "How is your jewellery finished?"
A - With pure, carnauba wax and animal fiber free polishing wheels, this is hard wearing and vegan friendly and topped with the slightest buff with refined Jojoba oil to bring out the natural colour of the wood and to condition it.
Q - "Can i stretch with your jewellery?"
A - yes, we recommend PTFE and Delrin to stretch with, please do not stretch with organic body jewellery.

Q - "Do you ship world wide?"
A - Yup! if you have a street or business address we can ship too we will! please note signed shipping options are not available to P.O. box addresses.  

Q - "I don't like my jewellery, can i return it?"
A - Yes, upon our approval, please see our Return policy for more information -HERE- .

Q - "Something is broken/missing/wrong with my order, what can i do?
A - Email us within 10 days of you getting the order and we will make it right with you!